Cape Town Solar: Solar Geyser

Solar Geyser

Preserve our Planet and Save Money Doing So

Solar in Cape Town has increased in polularity of the past few years.  Solar (meaning of,or determined by the sun) energy is a renewable form of energy that is harvested from the biggest source of energy available to earth; the sun.  Cape Town Solar specializes in providing solar energy solutions that will allow you to take advantage of this free, clean energy.

The solutions offered by Cape Town Solar include solar geysers, and heat pumps. These products will not only afford you the opportunity to do your part in ensuring that we sustain the earth for generations to come, but will also allow you to put money back in your pocket.

With Eskom’s available rebates for homeowners in and around Cape Town, solar geysers become a subsidized purchase saving you money off the front end. Because these solar water heating systems derive their energy from the sun, you receive this energy for free, thus reducing your electricity bill significantly and saving over the long term too.

For a free assessment, quote, or simply some further information on solar in Cape Town, please complete the form on this page and somebody from Cape Town Solar will get back to you shortly.  Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone immediately, simply call us on the number at the top right corner of this site.

You owe it to yourself to investigate a solar solution.




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