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Cape Town Solar Service

Cape Town Solar (Solartech) participates in on-premise strategic discussions with both homeowners and also in the commercial segment. These two-way discussions allow us to properly understand the needs of our customers and to supply uncomplicated solutions for those wanting to shift away from dependence on Eskom’s electricity grid and benefit from both the cost-saving and peace of mind that is associated with an energy efficient home or business.

Our solar solutions and business recipe allows our customers our to enjoy a 35% saving in electricity all year round. We always remain within a specific formula, which has allowed Cape Town Solar (Solartech) to develop into the most relevant Solar Water Heating company, not only in Cape Town, but all of Africa.

Our Services include:

• Onsite Consulting and Needs Analysis
• Engineered Solution and Costing
• Installation and Commissioning
• Solsure Annual Maintenance

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