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Indirect 200 litre (1 x 2.5m2 collector)  

Indirect 200l Solartech solar geyser system installed in Cape Town / Southern Suburbs   R 27,842.88 incl VAT
Less Eskom Rebate                                                                                                                           R 5,253.00

Total payable to Solartech (Eskom Rebate subtracted upfront)                                                R 22,589.88 incl VAT


Indirect 300 litre (2 collectors) 

Indirect 300l Solartech solar geyser system installed in Cape Town /Southern Suburbs    R 36,197.02 incl VAT
Less Eskom Rebate                                                                                                                           R 8,964.00

Total payable to Solartech (Eskom Rebate subtracted upfront)                                                R 27,233.02 incl VAT

The Indirect system

Cape Town Solar offers Solartech’s Favored Technology which is the Indirect System. This system is suitable for all areas, even where the temperature may fall below freezing. Utilising a synthetic heat transfer fluid has proved to be the most predictable method for being sure of system performance throughout the year.

Solar geyser systems can be installed in two configurations, namely:


1.    Split system (Tank in Roof)

Solar Geysers Cape Town Solar Cape Town









2.    Close coupled (Tank on Roof)

Cape Town Solar: Solar Geyser







Indirect tanks are “Twin Tanks” which means they are fitted with a back-up electric element, so in the occurrence of bad weather (something solar geysers in Cape Town are sure to experience in winter), our systems work as a traditional electric water heater as well.

Solartech provides the Eskom Rebate upfront. We subtract the rebate from the preliminary invoice, in this way assisting you to shift to a new smart solar powered cost-cutting measure with more trust. You can request of us to subtract the Eskom Rebate from the invoice entirely. This translates to an instantaneous saving of between R5,253 and R8,964 based on System, Volume and Configuration.

Solartech Solar Water Heating systems (Solar Geysers) are manufactured and supplied by Solsquare, our technology partners. These Solar water heating systems bear the SABS stamp of approval to signify its conformity to product specifications SANS 1307 and SANS 151, including mechanical and thermal testing. Solartech solar geysers are manufactured in Germany, include a 10 Year warranty (subject to Solsure), and are obtainable in 200lt and 300lt volumes for split or thermosyphon installations.

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