Why Go Solar?

Why Go Solar?

Solar PowerThe bulk of electricity used in any home can always be traced back to the electric geyser.  Not only does this impact negatively on your wallet, but also on Eskom’s ability to provide uninterrupted electricity to your home.

This is why Eskom has been running campaigns where they offer free geyser blankets and geyser timers to curb the use of electricity to your geyser.  It is not because they are concerned that you are paying too much for electricity.  If that were the case, they would not be pushing for continuous year on year increases in electricity tariffs.  Eskom’s only concern is their ability to produce enough electricity to meet increasing demands or, as an alternative, to curb current usage.

So are we saying that you should opt for a solar geyser to help out Eskom.  Absolutely not.  However, you should consider the savings that you would receive over time by not having to contribute 30-40% of your current electricity bill to Eskom.  And with Eskom pushing for a 60% increase in tariffs over 5 years and currently being awarded an 8% increase for 2013/2014, you can be sure that you will either experience a compounded increase in your electricity bill if you keep your electric geyser or a compounded increase in savings if you purchase a solar geyser.

Let’s put it in practical terms. An average family (one with kids at home) spends between R900 and R1,200 per month on electricity.  Let’s take R1,000 per month to make this exercise easy.  So, R1,000 per month x 12 months equals R1,200.00 per year.  Assuming a year on year increase of 8% (if Eskom doesn’t get it’s way) over 5 years, your total payments will look like this:

Total Electricity Bill                                                Geyser Consumption @ 35%

Yr. 1: R12,000                                                                         R 4,200

Yr. 2: R 12,960                                                                        R 4,536

Yr. 3: R 13,997                                                                        R 4,899

Yr. 4: R 15,117                                                                         R 5,291

Yr. 5: R16,326                                                                         R 5,714

Total Spend (5 Years) = R70,400                        Total Geyser Consumption: R 24,639

(Note that no consideration has been given to inflation or other factors for the above excercise)

In summary, continuing to use an electric geyser will cost you over R24,500 just in electricity, based on the above.  You could alternatively save over R24,500 if you replaced your electric geyser with a solar powered geyser.  That saving would be enough to pay for a solar geyser.  Consider that a solar geyser could easily last for 20 years and you will easily see your real compounded savings over the long term.


And, of course, while saving money you will also be doing your part in helping to reduce the stripping of the earth’s natural resources, reducing the carbon footprint, and helping to both improve and sustain a better world for our future generations.

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